Staff Spirituality

It is important that we understand ourselves first. For this reason we promote staff spirituality. This is done through invitation and in a manner that is non-threatening and relational.

Faith Formation

The formal faith formation program is run in partnership with our local parish of Salisbury. Students and their families work through the sacramental program together. Within the school, all students are invited to explore their own faith and share with each other.

Staff Prayer and Retreat

Prayer offers us many opportunities to connect with God and with each other. Weekly staff prayer has become a time where staff can explore scripture together, discuss their interpretations and share experiences from their own lives. Our staff retreat days have allowed us to explore the gospel through a particular lens, such as Ecology or the Eucharist.

Nourishing Students Faith

At Holy Family we invite students with the opportunity to express their faith and knowledge through the RE Curriculum, Prayer, Masses, Liturgies, Sacramental and Whole School Celebrations. We support their spirituality and learning by providing them with the resources to actively participate and celebrate God’s love.