/ 5/6MN & R/1MS excursion

5/6MN & R/1MS excursion

October 26, 2017

Throughout the year 5/6MN and R/1MS have teamed up on a frequent basis as buddy classes. To help solidify the positive relationships that have been fostered between students in each class we intend to visit the St Kilda Adventure Playground, adjoining Mangrove Nature Trail and utilize the expertise of Mr. McCarthy (Head of the school Fish Farm) to incorporate a fishing component to our Buddy Excursion. The day is intended to be fun while also offering many learning opportunities as students continue to foster positive relationships with each other whilst engaging in learning centered on local habitats and marine life. Holy Family is very proud of the learning opportunities that have been afforded through the introduction of the Fish Farm this year and we see this as a great extension and consolidation of the learning that has already occurred.

The details for this event are as follows:

Date:                             Thursday 26 October 2017 

Location:                       St Kilda Adventure Playground & St Kilda Mangrove Trail to broaden students understanding of local ecosystems and to build positive relationships

Time:                             Leaving school at 9am and returning approximately 2.30pm

Things to bring:             Wear sports uniform, hat, recess, lunch, sunscreen and a water bottle.