Outside School Hours Care

All children must be enrolled in the service prior to attending. Come in and see us at the service to obtain an enrolment form for your child/ren.

At Holy Family Catholic School OSHC we provide a flexible program incorporating a wide variety of arts and crafts, cooking experiences and physical activity for all school aged children.

Breakfast is provided in Before School Care. Children have a variety of cereals to choose from, as well as toast, milk, or spring water.

Afternoon Tea is provided in After School Care with snacks including sandwiches, fruit, dip and biscuits and pancakes.

In Vacation Care lunch is provided on specified days. A variety of recreational experiences are offered to the children with two excursions scheduled each week. These consist of cinema days, theatre performances, coaching clinics, swimming, skating, etc.

Hours of Operation
Our service is open during the school term Monday to Friday:

Before School Care 6:30am – 8:45am
After School Care 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Vacation Care 6:30am – 6:00pm
Pupil Free Day 6:30am – 6:00pm





Before School Care $10 per child
After School Care $15 per child
Vacation Care
      Full Day $50 per child
$60 per child
Pupil Free Day $40 per child







Childcare Subsidy
You may be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy. Further information can be obtained from Centrelink.

Enrolment and Bookings
All children must be enrolled in the service prior to attending. Our OSHC service uses an online booking system called Xplor Home. Xplor Home comes with many great features using a mobile phone app to give you the ability to:
Book you child into Before School Care, After School Care, Vacation Care etc
View your statements at any time
Sign your children in/out contactless using QR code scanning
Make a payment for your OSHC statement at any time

Cancellations must be notified as listed below:
After School Care – notify by 9am on the day.
Before School Care and Vacation Care/Pupil Free Day – notify by 3pm the previous day.

If you do not notify cancellations, you will be charged the session fee.

Collection of Children
Only those persons specified on the enrolment form are permitted to collect children from the Centre. In the case of other persons not on the enrolment form prearranged by the parents/careprovider to collect children, the service must be notified in advance by the parent/careprovider.

Late Pick Up
All children must be collected no later than 6.00pm. In the case of an emergency where you arrive later than 6.00 pm, the Centre must be notified immediately and a charge may occur.

Behaviour Management
At Holy Family OSHC all children are expected to follow the Centre’s rules and guidelines. These are posted up on the Information Board in the Centre. In the event that rules are broken, reasonable consequences will follow. In the case of a disruptive child, the Coordinator will discuss the issue with the parents or caregivers.
Please note: The Centre reserves the right to terminate enrolment if inappropriate behaviour continues after reasonable measures have been taken to involve the child positively.

Come in and see us at the service in our operational hours for all your enquiries. (6.30—8.30am & 2.00—6.00pm.) We are located at the front of the school in the multi-purpose hall.

If these times are inconvenient for you, you can leave your name and a contact phone number at the front office of the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For all general enquiries
Phone: 8258 0293 or
Email: oshc24@holyfamily.catholic.edu.au