/ Christmas Carols 2018

Christmas Carols 2018

December 7, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

We invite you to our Christmas Concert being held in our hall on Friday 7 December.

Reception classes will be first to perform and we will then make our way through each year level, finishing with the year 6/7s.  We should conclude about 8pm, although it is hard to know exactly what time.  The raffle will be drawn after the year 3 classes have performed so younger students can go home earlier if desired.

Participation by all students is encouraged, although not compulsory.  We do ask that if your child wishes to attend, then they must also perform.  It would be appreciated if you could return the permission slip immediately to your child’s class teacher.  This will help the teacher know who will be attending and can rehearse their item/s successfully.

Please note:

  • All students must be accompanied and supervised by their parents ie – not turning up alone.
  •  All students need to MEET THEIR TEACHER OUTSIDE THE OSHC ROOM 2 items before their own. (Reminders will be made throughout the evening). After they have performed, they can continue to watch the rest of the concert with their family, or go home.
  •  Students may wear neat CASUAL clothes for the concert, preferably in Christmas colours (red, green, white, yellow) or accessorized with a Santa hat, tinsel etc. If the class teacher sends a note home requesting something different please take note of those requirements.

There will be a BBQ starting at 5.45pm with drinks and sausage sizzle available for purchase.

Christmas Raffle

3 Christmas hampers will be raffled and will be drawn at the Carols night.

$1 each OR 6 tickets for $5 OR 15 tickets for $10

Tickets available from www.holyfamily.catholic.edu.au or front office

Click on ‘Christmas Raffle’ at the top of the page


5.45pm                         Sausage Sizzle available for purchase

6.30pm                          Entertainment Begins

7.15pm (approx)          Father Christmas will draw the Christmas raffle.

8.00pm (approx)          Evening concludes