Literacy & Numeracy

At Holy Family our approach to literacy and numeracy is to support classroom teachers to be experts in contemporary approaches to literacy and numeracy. We use a range of data and a support network of peer coaches to do this.


We use our NAPLAN data to observe broader trends across our school in the areas tested. We can also use the NAPLAN data to track the progress of particular students or cohorts in 2 year cycles. This informs our learning design.

Peer Coaching

Two of our curriculum leaders coordinate peers coaches who support classroom teachers. The main focus of our literacy coaching is that class teachers design and implement a comprehensive program that is relevant and accessible to all learners. In numeracy we are developing an investigative approach.

An Intergrated Approach

As with anything we do at Holy Family, our approach to Literacy and Numeracy is integrated across the curriculum.


Literacy is not a “subject” we teach in isolation. Being literate is about interacting with a range of information or texts, presented in a variety of ways. Students must also learn to be critical of the information presented to them through certain mediums.

At Holy Family we all create, view, listen to and read a range of information both on and off line, digitally and in print.

Numeracy across the curriculum

We deliberately make a distinction between mathematics and numeracy here at Holy Family. Being numerate means being able to use and understand the language and concepts of mathematics in a range of settings. We encourage this across all subject areas.

Mathematics refers to specific mathematical concepts and skills that we develop.